Who do you serve, who do you trust?

My Gods Are Dead!

“Who do you serve and who do you trust?”

Those were the words asked by one character in the opening of the TV series Crusade, a short-lived spin-off of Babylon 5. When I first heard that simple question in August 1999 it made me think; how would I answer it?

Sure, I was caught up in myself, but that is too simple an answer. There were a few things to which most of my time and energy were dedicated, to the exclusion or suppression of all else.

My Mind

Though I lack wisdom and street-smarts, in the traditional sense I have always been smarter than most people around me. As I recall even then, at age 19, I was already a lifetime member of the International High IQ Society.

As a young man my intelligence was ever on my mind.  I knew I could outsmart most people and I let it go to my head.  I could get out of or around almost anything. Like my ancient namesake I was always looking for the next angle.


I had been on the internet since age 12. My parents knew little about computers so I could get away with almost anything. As I matured I spent a lot of time on the internet. Between Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and various web sites I had explored the depths of my soul as it relates to my own sexuality. I had already been thrown out of virtual “places” that most people would never go.


As one of my oldest friends can attest I once said as a young man that I would never hold a regular job. When I was 16 my dad introduced me to the concept of wealth and began to urge me to study money. By 1999 I was caught-up in it. While I did learn many valuable things that I am using still today, I became obsessed with becoming rich.

My Gods

If you think about it, our gods are who we trust, and who we serve. I have had many gods in my life, but these three I was most devoted to.

Though I am still week today I serve one God. The God who made my mind, who invented sex, and who so esteems money that He uses it as paving material. I will write more about that later.

The Challenge

Tell us in the comments box below, who do you trust, and who do you serve? Has it changed over time?

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